The BAHTOH team was founded by Seattle-natives, Bobbie Yanoupeth and Michael Sing in 2015 while the two were living on opposite coasts; New York and The Bay Area. The two met when they were 18 and quickly became each other's first love. After a few years, separate ways, living different lives, and honing their individual crafts, the pair decided to rejoin forces collaboratively and create beautiful magic together - it's this magic that has brought both of them home to Seattle and the birth of BAHTOH.  

Bobbie first learned how to style hair when he was 8-years-old due to his mother struggling to find a stylist in Holland, MI because of the language barrier as a refugee from Laos. Her solution to the matter was to teach her son how to perm her hair and create updos for special events. What could have been regarded as a chore sparked a creative hunger inside him - Bobbie would go on to cosmetology school in New York City. Soon after schooling, he worked with Lady Gaga, numerous fashion houses, and his work has been featured in publications such as; Vogue, Brides, WWD, Curve, Nylon and more.

Michael, a classically trained piano player and opera singer who was rewarded scholarships to UW on his musical talent, always had a side flare for florals. It started Sundays at his grandfather's where he would spend the day tilling the soil, planting flowers, learning of the different plants, and how each one needed to be loved a little differently in order for it to flourish. This Sunday ritual soon became an obsession and now his passion. He's done more weddings than he can count and he couldn't imagine doing anything else.

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